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Kouros Location

Estia Kouros Empeiria is situated in an area known as “Flerio”, adjacent to the village of Melanes, nestled in a lush valley with abundant water sources. The name derives from the French word "fleur," meaning flower, reflecting the area's abundance of blossoms. The springs of Flerio irrigate and nourish the entire Melanes area.

In our yard, there is a building that is at least 200 years old, enhancing the landscape. It boasts a picturesque courtyard adorned with a marble table and an ancient traditional wood oven.

Positioned near the river, it also encompasses an old watermill. Towering plane trees dominate the vicinity, complemented by climbing plants that embellish the surroundings, providing ample shade. Running water courses through the orchard, and adjacent to the building stands a remnant of an old olive mill.

In close proximity are the imposing archaic Kouros from the sixth century BC, the ancient Roman aqueduct, the sanctuary of the springs, and the ancient marble quarries.