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Cooking Lessons

Savor the Authenticity: Our cooking lessons at Estia Kouros Empeiria offer more than just a taste. They provide an immersive journey into the heart of Naxian tradition. Delight  in the flavors of local recipes, featuring handpicked ingredients from our vibrant garden, nurtured by the pure waters of ancient springs. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, embodying the rich tapestry of Greek gastronomy.


Fireside Tales: Step into our outdoor kitchen, where the aroma of wood-stove cooking beckons. We will guide you through the art of preparing Greek delicacies using time-honored techniques. The crackle of the fire and the scent of local ingredients combine to create an unforgettable sensory “empeiria” (experience).
Immerse yourself in the art of cooking as it has been done for generations.


Relish the scenic route to the Kouros Statue: As your creations simmer to perfection, take a leisurely tour to the nearby Kouros of Melanes statue. Explore the fascinating history and cultural significance of this ancient marvel, adding a layer of enrichment to your culinary adventure.



Join in the celebration, where every note and every step tells a story of the island's rich cultural heritage. Following a delightful lunch, immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of Naxian culture with live traditional music featuring the enchanting melodies of the violin and lute.

Join us, as we guide you through the rhythmic steps of local dances, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of the island's traditions.